Water Management
Developing Company:
Malaga Provincial Council

Waste Water Treatment Station in Cañete La Real

Designing, Programming and setting a waste water treatment plant in motion in Cañete La Real using rotating biological interrupters (bio discs), operating on water and sludge levels of the plant.


The Waste Water Treatment Plant at Cañete la Real will be adjusted to treat water with rotating biological interrupters (bio discs),operating on water and sludge levels of the plant. In addition, execution of works includes other elements such as pipe network, pumping equipment, electrical installation, instrumentation, control, the complex and buildings.


A management and motoring system of the electrical-mechanic equipment is essential in any waste water treatment plant as well as energy control and management for its use.

Sensors, meters and water catchment elements need installing in order to record physical parameters that define the type and behaviour of the plant.


  • An autonomous overall monitoring and industrial control system was implemented in this waste water treatment plant, using PLCs and SCADA system for monitoring.
  • Algorithms were implemented to manage pre-treatment, primary, secondary and tertiary treatment processes in water management.
  • Besides, we developed a record of trends, energy control in order to optimize consumption and a prevention and correction maintenance plan for the use of the plant.
  • It was designed according to low environmental impact criteria.


The most important benefits of implementing these solutions are, amongst others:

  • Complying with environmental regulations.
  • Constant automatic supervision of the plant.
  • Energy efficiency in the water treatment process.
  • Control and registration of the measured parameters.
  • Actions aimed to allow high availability of the infrastructure.
  • Re-using treated water.

Most important data


Incoming daily water level.


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