Unique Buildings (Business Centre)
Developing Company:
Málaga City Council

Technical Assistance for tasks at the Infrastructure Area in ProMálaga

ProMálaga is a company that belongs to the Málaga City Council that works in business promotion, creating employment and seeking talent.


PROMALAGA promotes enterprising spirit, innovation projects, business motivation and technological investment in R+D (Research Development). They have a start-up incubator network that includes twelve centres for over 200 enterprises. This projects aims to assist technically with the tasks of the Infrastructure area in PROMALAGA.


An industrial engineer with wide experience in maintenance and a senior technician who has experience in building projects take part in this project as well as all the necessary material resources to carry out the activity (laptops with the necessary software, mobile phones, email accounts….)


stm-aplicada collaborates in the comprehensive management of the Incubator Local Network, starting with the maintenance management of their own software, the building control of the new facilities or improving the existing ones, maintenance, updating building plans files, checking projects for new centres including their budget control, creating and maintaining registers and records of enrolment and cancellations of incubators, managing inventories of the facilities and furniture, managing events and coordinating suppliers.

Overall management that includes design, implementation and supervision of facilities regarding fire intrusion, emergency plans, occupational risk prevention, environmental management, electricity and water supplies control, writing technical projects for tenders of service and supply contracts, site and facility inspections to check condition and proper adaptation.


Solutions applied by stm-aplicada benefit new entrepreneurs, the business network in Málaga and Research and Development in our city, thanks to the correct functioning of the Infrastructure Area in PROMALAGA.

We contribute by improving projects in new centres, adding them to the excellent condition of the existing buildings, reducing maintenance operating times, controlling maintenance and service suppliers more efficiently, controlling electricity and water costs, budgets and invoicing as well as developing a faster response capacity to solve emergencies.

Most important data

*(On the first twelve months)


Technical Assisted Events (*)


Managed buildings regarding maintenance and cleanliness (*)

GMAO (Computer Maintenance Management System) Software Control
Efficient overall maintenance management

Inspected areas (industrial units, offices, commercial premises and co-worker work stations) and managed with suppliers to adapt them for new incubators. (*)

Efficient control management of maintenance budgets and invoicing of the Local Incubator Network.

Control of water and electricity supply costs.