Developing Company:
Railway Infrastructure
Administrator (ADIF)

Supply and installation of elements to access and control facilities in Espeluy and Cortes de la Frontera Station.

ADIF has developed an action plan in certain small stations so that they can operate without operators.


Installation of automatic remote controlled doors, a supervision and management system of facilities as well as control and security equipment that provide necessary information on the infrastructure so that it can be operated without operators and with remote controlled supervision.


In order to minimize the need of operators in small stations, a system is needed so that train stations can be remote controlled and can operate without operators. Thus, we need to install an automatic closing system that can open and close the station according to its needs, have access to information about condition of facilities and provide security and surveillance elements. All this must be accessible from a remote place that controls all the stations on which the system operates.


Designing, Programming and Installing a Remote Controlled Management System of Facilities (STGI) in Espeluy Station as well as adapting facilities to suit the needs already mentioned above.

A main controller that operates on the environment will be installed and necessary data will be collected in order to interact with the station and assess its condition.

This controller is connected to ADIF corporate network so that it can be safely accessed from any location of this network and used with a simple intuitive user interface that does not require a work station. The system will control opening and closing of the station with automatic doors, energy consumption, technical alarms and video images in real time to ensure security.


Certain stations will remain used without the need of operators and thus, this will minimize personnel costs in those stations with a limited number of users that will be closed otherwise.

There will be more stations available and transportation from rural areas to the cities will improve.