Developing Company:
Gibraltar Airport/Government

SCADA system for “Fuel Farm” at Gibraltar Airport.

Due to the works carried out for the new road tunnel under the runway of Gibraltar Airport, we designed a new service station to supply fuel to planes that operate in this airport.


This Fuel Farm consists of four tanks to store jet-fuel with two loading and unloading areas for petrol tankers fuel transportation and transfer. The building of this tunnel will make this airport more important in the area and it will double the number of flights operating here.


Building a new service station is essential and it requires the highest availability and reliability when being used.

Due to the criticality of the plant built concerning the product we are dealing with, this requires high availability and a system to monitor and control equipment at all times is essential.


  • We have designed and developed a system that allows airport authorities to manage and monitor the transportation of fuel on the site from its reception to its transfer for refuelling.
  • We have designed a control and monitoring system in charge of supervising transfer operations, loading and unloading of fuel for jets that protects people and the site. It has an overall system that controls, supervises and records relevant data to prevent and correct maintenance effectively as well as allow for intensive and reliable use of the plant.


  • It increases service capacity for airplanes.
  • It improves airport operation, minimising refuelling times with the required security levels.

Most important data


Tonne capacity for system management


Low operation costs


Improvement of workers and equipment security

Pumping and fuel transportation

Advanced measuring of storing, transfer and oil levels.


Redundancy in control and supervision systems


Detailed, log and event management operation records.