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Remote controlled system for traction substations and catenary for the Metropolitan Train in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Mi Tren (My Train) is a tram system under construction, located in the urban centre of Cochabamba, in the centre of Bolivia; it links the administration centres in Sacaba, Cercado, Colcapirhua, Quillacollo, Vinto and Sipe Sipe.


The Metropolitan Train of Cochabamba runs along the urban metropolitan area of the City of Cochabamba in the centre of Bolivia, liking different administration centres and creating the main transportation artery between the municipalities of the region.

This tram system has three lines under construction and it is a pioneering infrastructure in the country. It is the first electric train in Bolivia and it intends to be a reference in sustainable transportation, a model to be extended throughout the country.


This new train will improve communications between the administration centre and will improve interurban relations as well as increasing citizens’ life quality. Besides, it will be an economic boost that will facility transportation between these centres and mobility with low- pollution environmental impact.


Energy management of electrical substations that supply the energy of the tram. We design, develop and implement the automated management system in 19 substations. Thus, we maintain an energy remote controlled system that supervises in real time all the necessary parameters to ensure a correct electric supply for the train.

Overall control system based on PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) and the related control centre that centralizes the relevant data acquisition for the correct functioning of the system.


  • The site control saves resources.
  • System reliability increases as possible failures can be detected sooner which could result in stopping the system if they remain unattended..
  • The system allows state and alarm records that facilitate preventive maintenance.

Most Important Data


Double substations of railway tracking.


Full itinerary of the three lines managed.


Operation Costs Savings


Daily number of passengers