Water Management
Developing Company:
Junta de Andalucía / Acosol

Remodelling the Desalination Plant in Marbella

The desalination plant in Marbella produces 56,000 m³/day. We carried out design works and adaptation of CCMs. We increased the SCADA system and we set it in motion without stopping operation at the plant.


This project included emergency works to improve the filtering system and the post-treatment process of the desalination plant. Basically, works consisted of installing 8 additional sand filters, 4 more cartridge filters, a lime remineralization system and a permanent chlorination system in desalted water as well as adapting CCMs and integrating them in the control system of the treated signs.


The new filters had to be installed without affecting the normal performance of the plant or producing complete stops in its operation. This required significant coordination and planning of these works.


Industrial Operation Planning Works such as CCMs modification, increasing the SCADA system of the plant and installing new PLCs; all this coordinated in off-peak time periods in order to minimize influence on the plant.


It increases water resources for water supply in high season and on the other hand, it guarantees and ensures water supply on the Coast.

Technical Data

It can produce over 15Hm³ desalinated water a year. Thus, it is a key infrastructure for potable water supply on the Western Costa del Sol.

Sea water is propelled from the catchment building located 2,5km away to the Desalination Plant.

Most Important Data


Product water level in m³/day


Sea water level in m³/day


Rejected salts level daily


Predicted production capacity a year


Real production capacity a year


Equivalent population served

8 Lines

7,000 m³/day each. No. of membrane elements


Total built surface in the desalination plant.