Unique Buildings
(Research Centre)
Developing Company:
University of Málaga

Installation and setting management system of the new facilities in motion at Centro de Comportamiento Animal UMA (Animal Behaviour Centre at Málaga University)

The Animal Experimentation Centre has been built and equipped in the framework of campus of international excellence Andalucía Tech.


This centre in association with the Biotechnology Centre for a Healthy Society- one of the six specialized areas of Andalucía Tech together with Aerospace, Communications and Mobility, Energy and Environment, Transport and Tourism and Urban Development, is built according to accommodation and experimentation areas that allows the successful biomedical research carried out by Andalucía Tech.

This Animal Behaviour Centre is designed to support researches who a carry out lines of investigation in this field. The facility includes the necessary scientific infrastructure to serve Malaga University researchers as well as public and private bodies that require them. Thus, this centre is capable of developing and supporting research on locomotive activity abnormality, animal balance and coordination as well as studies on anxiety, depression and animal learning capacity.


The building requires overall control of pressures, temperatures, lighting and production so as to maintain the best conditions to develop research projects. Control loops in real time are needed to avoid fluctuation of the controlled parameters, detect and alert of outlier measurements.


  • An advanced supervision system is designed and installed with EcoStruxure Building Operation Platform that allows supervision and management of pressure in clean rooms, overall climate control in the building, operational and heat lighting. We assess energy parameters, establishing the appropriate control to maximise operability with low energy costs.
  • Visual setting is based on SCADA solutions so that in a centralised or remote manner, information on the correct functioning and maintenance is available.


  • High availability of the installation is possible as there is constant monitoring of the critical facilities.
  • Maintenance costs reduction as updated information is available and anticipated overall maintenance is possible.
  • Reduction and control of energy costs achieved with consumption supervision, setting of time-tables and other strategies that allow efficient energy costs.
  • Logs and metadata are available so that decisions can be taken during functioning and for future installations.
  • Modular systems are implemented and they will increase according to the real needs of the site.