Unique Buildings (Research Centre)
Developing Company:
University of Málaga

Control system of the Subtropical and Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Institute La Mayora (IHSM)

The Subtropical and Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Institute is a mixed research centre that belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), an institution within the Treasury Department, the Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness and the University of Málaga (UMA).


The IHSM is part of the field (Agricultural Science) and it was set up to unite the efforts of the groups of the previous Experimental Station “La Mayora” within the Spanish National Research Council (EELM-CSIC) and groups of various departments in the University of Málaga and to boost and coordinate scientific research in the fields of intensive horticulture and subtropical fruit and vegetable more efficiently as it was developed in two different bodies.


As a unique building and even more as a research centre, it needs a control system of the site that manages the place in centralised mode regarding climate control, lighting, energy production, access control, etc.


A system has been developed and implemented to regulate and manage climate control, lighting, security subsystems, access control and energy management.

A distributed BMS system has been installed and several controllers are set in key points of the facility in order to collect field signs needed for the building’s management. Thus, this is an overall supervision tool that is user-friendly and easy to understand. Maintenance personnel can anticipate failure and maintain operation and high availability of the site.

A central position or remote connection has all the technical information with graphs and trends that facilitate exploitation operation of the building.


The installation of a BMS system allows the optimisation of human and energy resources, minimisation of failure and the production of useful log for the exploitation of the site.

Most important data

Decentralised controllers Automation Server communicated with Bacnet IP


Access control with platform I/Net

CCTV supervision with Pelco cameras.

Integrated centralised intrusion in centralised SCADA