Unique Buildings (Shopping Centre)
Developing Company:

Centralised management system to supervise the facilities of the new shopping centre Designer Outlet Málaga (Plaza Mayor)

This new outlet is built following the design of Plaza Mayor, imitating streets and connecting two points: Plaza Mayor Leisure and the commercial part.


Although it is managed by a different company, McArthurGlen, it is architecturally integrated in Plaza Mayor and it offers a complementary variety regarding commercial premises and restaurant businesses.

A big central square organises the space. This square has been reserved for luxury brands such as Escada, Boss or Polo. The other streets of this outlet are organized around it. These are places designed for sport wear (Vans, Puma, Asics or Columbia, among others) and other streets sell clothes for younger people with brands like Levis, Pepe Jeans, Dockers or Calvin Klein. There are also Spanish brands that were not there before like Scalpers or Hawkers.

This is a reference shopping centre in Málaga, not only because of its size but also because of the technology used in its facilities and its innovative concept.


Due to the number of facilities, elements and subsystems that take part in such a big construction, it is essential to install a supervision system that collects sector data and provide information on the subsystems current condition.

Many different parameters are taken into account in order to operate the site successfully and collect information on energy consumption, lighting condition, climate control system, etc. So that we can have enough information on the condition of the facility to take decisions.


A state-of-art automation system is designed. It consists of an advanced BMS with distributed controllers that collect information about the site so that we can operate automatically on the controlled subsystems.

The facilities include lighting, climate control and ventilation systems, pressurization, lifts, electrical protection, electrical consumption management, electric vehicle chargers, photovoltaic installation, pumping system, fume extraction system, escalators, etc.


In addition, there is a control centre that serves as the main operation position that interacts with the system using a web platform, remote coded connections and secure authentication methods.

The control system collects data, creates trends and provides the necessary logs to take decisions on the operation of the site. It sets time-tables and carries out the appropriate adjustments to optimise the use of the facilities.

It tracks maintenance tasks so that it can anticipate problems derived from failures on the facilities that might lead to faulty operation.

Most important data


Millions of Euros investment




Square metres


Parking spaces added to the new area