Water Management
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Adaptation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Jerez de la Frontera

Remodelling and extending the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Jerez. We extended the water line, remodelled CCMs and reprogrammed the SCADA control system using Wonderware and PLCs by Siemens® as solutions.


Works considered the installation of an advanced biological process to eliminate nitrogen and phosphorus; design of different reaction chambers with all the necessary elements to work as an anaerobic, anoxic and oxic reactor. Also, we updated the aeration and digestion system and thus, replaced field instrumentation and related sensors.


A management and motoring system of the electrical-mechanic equipment is essential in any waste water treatment plant as well as energy control and management for its use.

Sensors, meters and water catchment elements need installing in order to record physical parameters that define the type and behaviour of the plant.


Specific works to design the Engine Control Centre, extending the PLCs by Siemens® control system, extending the SCADA system with Wonderware® and creating a record, trends and alarm system.

Designing a decentralised module with infinite growth and adaptation capacity using standard industrial protocols such as profibus DP and PA.


These works will benefit towns with over 25,000 inhabitants where treated water could be better reused; water parameters can be thoroughly controlled automatically and energy management aims to achieve high performance with low consumption.

Water treatment quality allows reusing sludge in agriculture.

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