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This Privacy Policy summarises practices carried out by Soluciones Tecnológicas Aplicadas al Medio, S.L. concerning information compiled from users who visit our web site or share personal information with us.

Reasons for compiling data  

Personal information processing (that is, any information that allows identification using reasonable means, hereinafter “personal information” ) is needed in order to fulfil our contractual agreement with you as well as provide our service, protect our legitimate interests and comply with legal and financial regulations that we are subject to.

When you use this site, you express your consent to compilation, storage, use, dissemination and other uses of your personal information as it is described in this Privacy Policy.

We recommend that our users read this Privacy Policy carefully and use it in case of taking sound decisions.

What information do we compile?

We compile two types of Users’ data and information.

The first type is related to users’ unidentifiable and not identified information that can be compiled when using the site (“non-personal information“). We do not know the user’s identity when we compiled non-personal information. This information can include accumulated data of use and technical information provided by the device, both software and hardware ( such as e.g. type of browser, operating system used by the device, language preference, time of access, etc.) in order to improve our Site operation. Likewise, we also compile information about activity on the site (visited pages, web browsing, clicks, actions, etc.)

The second type of information is personal information; this is identifiable individual information, that is, information that identifies a person or can identify a person easily. This information includes:

  • Information of the device: we compile personal information from the device. This information includes geolocation data, IP address, exclusive identifiers (such as MAC and UUID) and other information related to the activity on the Site.
  • Information about registration: when you register on our Site, you will be asked to include certain data such as your name and surname, email address, home address and other information.

How do we receive your information?

We receive your personal information as a result of different actions or sources:

  • When you give us your personal data when you register in our Site voluntarily,
  • when you use our Site or visit it in relation to our services,
  • external suppliers, services or external public registrations (for example, traffic statistics suppliers).

What information do we compile?

We do not hire, sell or share Users’ information with third parties except in the terms described in this Privacy Policy.

We can use information with the purpose of:

  • Keeping communication with you: send you notifications related to our services, providing technical information and solving any service problem that the client might have.
  • Communicating with you and keeping you informed about our services and most recent updates.
  • Showing you commercial advertising when you use our Site (for further information visit the section “Advertisements”).
  • Commercialising and promoting our web sites and products (for further information visit the section “Marketing”).

Apart from the uses mentioned above, we might transfer or disseminate personal information to our outsourcing companies.

Apart of the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy we might share personal information with our external reliable suppliers who might be located under different jurisdictions world-wide for any of the following purposes:

  • Hosting or managing our Site.
  • Offering you our services, including personalised visualization of our Site.
  • Storing and processing such information on our behalf.
  • Offering you commercial advertising and helping you concerning both assessing the success of our advertising campaigns and reorientation any of our users.
  • Offering commercial products or promotional material related to our Site and our services.
  • Carrying out research, technical diagnosis or analysis.

Besides, we can disseminate information if we have the certainty that this dissemination might be useful or necessary to:(1) obey the law, regulations, legal procedures or applicable government requests; (2) apply our policies (including our Agreement), including, any research on possible infraction; (3) research, detect, avoid or carry out actions related to illegal activities or other infraction, suspicion of fraud or security matters; (4) establish or exercise our rights to defend ourselves against denunciation or legal claims; (5) avoid any damage or grievance against our rights, property or our security or our users’ security coming from you or a third party; (6) collaborate with security organizations and if necessary enforce compliance with intellectual property rights or other legal rights.

You can apply for:

Recibir confirmación de si se está procesando o no información personal sobre usted, además de acceso a su información personal almacenada, junto con información complementaria.

  1. Receiving confirmation that we are or we are not processing personal information about you, as well as having access to your personal information stored, together with additional information.
  2. Receiving a copy of the personal information you are offering us directly, in a structured format of general use or mechanised reading.
  3. Requesting deletion of your personal information.
  4. Opposing to our processing of your personal information.
  5. Requesting restrictions in our processing of your personal information.
  6. Presenting a formal claim or report to a supervising authority.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that these are not definite rights and they might be subject to our own legitimate interests and regulated requirements.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights mentioned above or receive information, contact the security department:

Data retention:

We shall retain your personal information the necessary time to provide our services as well as to fulfil our legal obligations, solve dispute or implement or enforce any of our policies. The retention periods will be determined depending on the type of information compiled, the purpose of such compilation and considering the applicable requirements of each situation and the need to destroy old and unused information in the least possible time. According to the applicable laws, we will keep our records of clients’ personal information, accounts opening documents, communications and any other type of information required by law and current regulations.

We can rectify, replace or delete information that is not necessary at any moment and according to our own criteria.


Us and our reliable partners use cookies and other technology in our related services including visiting our Site or accessing our services.

A “cookie” is a small portion of information that a web site assigns your device when you visit or visualise it. Cookies are very useful and can be used with different purposes including browsing in a more efficient way, automatic activation of certain functions, remember preferences, accelerate and facilitate interaction with our Services. Likewise, cookies are also used to ensure the relevance of the publicity you visualise for you and your interests as well as compiling statistic data about your use of our Services.

The Site uses the following type of cookies:  

  1. “Session cookies” that are only stored temporarily on a browsing session in order to allow normal use of the system and will be deleted once your device closes the browser.
  2. “Persistent cookies”, cookies that only read the Site, are kept in the Site for a determined period of time and are not deleted once you close the browser. This kind of cookies are used when we need to recognise you in future visits, for example, we can store your language preference when you access the Site again. 
  3. “Third party cookies”, these are cookies that establish other services online and they execute contents on the page you are visualising, for example, external analysis companies that supervise and analyse our web access.

Cookies do not contain any type of information that identifies you personally. However, we might link the personal information we have with the information stored in the cookies and obtained from them. You can delete cookies following the instructions for preference in your device, and if you choose to eliminate them, some of the functions on our Site might not work properly and your experience online might be limited.

Third party information compilation

Our policy only concerns the use and dissemination of the information we compile about you. Regarding the dissemination of information carried out by third parties or sites on the Internet, several regulations might be applied to such dissemination or use of information. Consequently, we recommend you read the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy of each of the parts where you decide to disseminate information.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to company practice that is not our own or is not under our control or to any person whom we have not employed or is under our management, including third parties who can disseminate information as established in this Privacy Policy.

How do we protect your information?

We pay special attention to implementing and maintaining security on both our Site and your information. We use industrial procedures and standard policies to guarantee the security of the information we compile and store in order to avoid unauthorised use and we request that third parties apply similar security requirements in accordance to this Privacy Policy. Despite the fact we apply significant measures to secure information we cannot take responsibility for any actions of unauthorised access or misuse of our Site and we do not offer any express, implicit guarantee or of any nature, that can prevent this access.

Data transfer outside the EEA

Consider that recipients of your data might be located outside the European Economic Area. In this case we will only give your data to those countries that have a data protection level approved by the European Commission o we shall establish an agreement to guarantee the appropriate level of data protection.


Us or our external outsourcing companies might use your personal information such as your name, email address, telephone number, etc. In order to offer you promotional material related to our services that we think you might be interested in.

In respect to your right of privacy, together with the mentioned material we will provide the means to reject the reception of our commercial offers. If you unsubscribe we will proceed to eliminate your email address or telephone number from our distribution lists.  

Take into account that despite the fact you have deleted the subscription for the reception of our commercial electronic mails, you might receive other kind of important communications without being offered the option to stop receiving them, These communications include publicity of services for clients and administrative notifications.

Corporative transactions

We might share information in case of corporative transaction (such as the sale of a significant part of our company, merging or selling assets). In this case, the recipient company or buyer will undertake the rights and obligations stated in this Privacy Policy.


We are aware of the fact that children need to have their privacy protected, especially online. This Site is not designed or aimed for children use. Under no circumstances, we will allow use of our services by minors without consent or previous authorisation by a parent or legal tutor. We do not consciously compile any kind of personal information of minors. If a parent or legal tutor knows that their children have provided personal information without their consent, contact as on

Updating or modifications of this Privacy Policy

We reserve our right to modify or check this Privacy Policy regularly, changes will get into effect the moment the Privacy Policy is modified or checked. The last modification will be reflected under the section “Last modification” The continuous use of the Platform after the notification of these modifications on our web site imply your knowledge and consent to these modifications of the Privacy Policy as well as the acceptance of the terms of these modifications.

How to contact us

If you have any general questions about the Site or the information that we compile about you as well as the use of your information, contact us on

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