Our Company

Engineering applied to the environment

We are stm-aplicada, the engineering and industrial control company that provides customized solutions for specific environments and thus, we understand that each case is different and requires an adapted project to meet specific needs.

Our company has high growth expectations and consider each project as a new challenge to be taken using knowledge, experience and flexibility.

We are aware of our company’s impact on the environment and thus, we aim to create a better, more efficient and sustainable future.

Why stm-aplicada?

We will solve problems, not create new ones

We are here to provide solutions and join efforts; we do not add complications or take away any answers. A proactive and positive attitude is essential in any project as many things happen during its development. An ability to react and act accordingly on time is basic.

Non-conformism as opposing to standardization

We know that success derives from a specific and adapted response. We do not offer fast standard solutions. We present customized projects to fulfil our clients’ needs and the environment requirements.

Courage to show commitment

We have integrity and honesty; excuses and half truths are not part of our vocabulary. We are committed to keep to our agreements and thus, we do not agree to what we cannot fulfil.


We have an extensive experience in systems and a global vision to implement the project. Thus, we can reduce deadlines, costs and risks significantly for all those involved in the project. Our multidisciplinary team can provide an overall response, starting with assessment, conception of the idea set in its design, implementation and then, management, maintenance and result assessment during the assets’ life cycle.

When we develop a task, we start with discussions in order to understand our clients’ needs and wishes. We progress and adapt to find different creative solutions depending on the environments where we work. Meeting our clients’ expectations and challenges on our way to improve and achieve the most efficient solution for the set objectives.


We know we create an impact on people’s lives. We accept this great responsibility and we are aware of it on our daily life.

At stm-aplicada, we are a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, committed to develop creative solutions that will improve our future and go one step further to meet our clients’ needs and wishes. We work to be useful and place our clients’ satisfaction as the core value of our company.

Determination and courage are part of our nature. We enjoy challenges and we test ourselves in order to improve. We know that audacity, eagerness and solvency are essential to achieve 

anything we want. We are confident in our work, because what we do, we do it well.

Self-confidence defines us and undoubtedly, this is highly valued by our clients. Experience and knowledge are basic elements for our nature as we work to maintain the highest level of efficiency and sustainability and thus, fulfil our commitment to meet deadlines. This is part of our excellency.

Would you like to be part of stm-aplicada?

If you are looking to develop a professional career, send us your CV, tell us your reasons for wanting to join our team and how your professional profile fits in with our company. We will consider you for future vacancies and we will contact you in case we are interested.


He have implemented and integrated different social and environmental measures as we understand that this is the way not only our objective.

At stm-aplicada, we focus our efforts to improve the world around us. Our business commitment takes one step further; not only involves environmental, health, mobility issues, etc.. applied to our engineering solutions but we also aim to satisfy all parts involved: our team, clients, suppliers and all the people in our community.

We are aware that our clients require a reliable committed company; our suppliers want to work with a professional company and our team want to be part of a company that they are proud of, look after their well-being and provide them with a sense of belonging.


Partner of Schneider Electric

Official Partner of Schneider Electric Building Automation for comprehensive control systems, part of the world-wide network Eco-Expert for automated efficient energy solutions. Official Certification of SmartStruxure®Advanced System Solutions for overall management of facilities.



Wonderware Iberia

stm-aplicada is a certified company of Wonderware integral systems. Wonderware solutions allow for all types of systems in a simple way ,an only open standard platform.






Drone Operator company registered at the State Security Agency (AESA) for land prospecting performance, photogrammetry, thermography, photography and professional video. We are authorized to perform in security conditions.




Certificado ISO 9001:2015 y 14001

We meet the requirements of UNE-EN-ISO-9001:2005 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas that guarantees quality in our services, processes and interactions, following our commitment to keep and protect the environment.

These certificates are at the disposition of anyone who may be interested.