Quality policy at Technological Solutions Applied to the Environment S.L.

In stm our system is aimed to satisfy our customer companies and thus, provide engineering services by designing, developing and maintaining control systems related to energetic efficiency and environmental control, as well as towards our members of staff and our company itself with the desire to offer our customers the highest quality and be up to date in the latest technological progress that takes place in our sector.

This is the reason the Management has established and implemented a Management Quality System based on the requirements of Regulation UNE-EN-ISO 90001:2015. Therefore, we commit to:

  • Seek continuous improvement as our most important philosophy.
  • Ensure a quality service as a shared commitment of all the team at stm who have shown increase awareness and have correctly been trained in quality matters.
  • Our highly qualified team of professionals will advice our customer companies on different projects in order to fulfill their expectations.
  • Comply with all the legal requirements of the current laws related to our activity performance as well as of those signed by the organization.

These are general objectives however; other quantifiable targets will be established for a specific amount of time at the meetings held by the Management Review System at their premises located in Málaga. These shall include objective evidence to show that these are met, the person responsible to do it as well as the resources available to achieve such objectives.

Ensure that all the people in the organization involved in quality have been informed by the person responsible of Quality matters about the Management Policy and the set objectives to be achieved at all levels and have been given all the necessary documentation to be applied in each of the working positions.

Mario Alarcón
stm Management