Overall Installations and Automatism Control

Our Solution

In stm we offer solutions custom-made to control and manage industrial sites and infrastructures efficiently. Thus, we incorporate the integration of data and other subsystems acquisition into a single platform able to respond and process automatic solutions. This enables us to adapt and predict possible risks in infrastructures or in supervised systems.

Our method

  • Designing, programming and implementing systems based on programmable logic controllers. (PLCs)
  • Designing and developing supervision and industrial data acquisition systems. (SCADA)
  • Industrial Regulation, energetic control, lightening, ventilation, climate control, signaling, etc.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic systems with alarm and failure control that regenerate reports and event registry records.


  • Higher effectiveness.
  • Lower and controlled costs.
  • Information in real time.
  • Resource optimization protocol.
  • Preventive maintenance efficiency.
  • Optimized maintenance management.

We bring solutions to improve our future


Our solutions